8 secrets to slow aging

Written by Abbi Ryan

Abbi Ryan is a contributing author and a creative director at Dr. J's Natural with a passion for all things health and wellness. As a former college athlete and fellow health enthusiast, Abbi aims to share her thoughts and research about the important things that will help create a happier and healthier lifestyle. In her spare time, Abbi enjoys cooking, spending time with family, and painting new pieces of wall decor for her new home!

March 16, 2022

Anti-aging has increasingly become a major topic of concern. Aging is avoidable, but major signs of aging can be improved or prevented altogether. In this article, we share our best-kept anti-aging secrets for you to turn back the clock and maintain that youthful-looking health.


Every time you expose your (unprotected) skin to the sun, you are letting in harmful rays that cause damage to your skin both immediately and over time. Without proper sunscreen, your skin is vulnerable to wrinkles and fine lines, uneven skin tone, more noticeable acne scars, sunspots, and leathery skin.

Choose a sunscreen with antioxidants, which contain healing and nourishing properties your skin NEEDS. This should be the last step in your everyday skincare routine, no matter the weather!


Green leafy vegetables have the highest antioxidant levels which can help reduce inflammation and release harmful toxins from the body. An increased intake of green vegetables has also been linked to a reduced risk of Alzheimer’s and other diseases affecting the brain.

Switch out your sugary cereal with a green smoothie in the morning for a nice boost of anti-aging nutrients that can improve your skin, gut, and brain function as time flies by.


Collagen is a protein that your body naturally produces and is responsible for maintaining strong connective tissue, including hair, skin, nails, joints, tendons, and more. However, over time, your collagen production slows down, causing these tissues to deteriorate and show signs of breakdown. It is essential to replace your body with collagen in order to restore your body’s strength and promote elasticity as you age.

Collagen Plus comes in unflavored powder stick packs for a convenient, daily dose of collagen. Add into your morning smoothie, water bottle, or favorite fruit juice for an extra boost of this anti-aging miracle-worker!


Antioxidants are your skin’s savior. As mentioned before, antioxidants are the “free radical scavengers”, working to eliminate toxins that enter your body every day. Antioxidants consist of three major vitamins – A, C, and E which all have major skin-health benefits.

Vitamin A is helpful for smoothing wrinkles, diminishing scars and blemishes, and even reducing acne breakouts. Retinol is pretty much concentrated Vitamin A, so include this in a nighttime serum for easy, anti-aging while you sleep.

Vitamin C is known as your skin-brightener, with abilities to reform dull, tired-looking skin, brighten hyperpigmentation and increase collagen production. Most successful skincare brands carry a Vitamin C serum that can be included in your daytime routine. Also, look out for Vitamin C written as L-ascorbic acid which is also commonly included in other skincare products.

Vitamin E is your ultimate moisturizer. Hydration is another very important aspect of youthful-looking skin as dry skin can damage the elasticity of the skin and make wrinkles more apparent.

PCA is a naturally occurring antioxidative ingredient that has been studied in research to be 10 times more powerful than Vitamin E, with major known and proven to heal the skin. You can find PCA in Dr. J’s PCA Face Mist Toner, another great addition to an anti-aging skin care regimen.

Girl using Face Mist Toner with PCA


Daily exercise is widely known to produce major health benefits for your mind, body, and skin that transcend time. First, exercise has been shown to improve your quality of sleep which can preserve good brain function long-term. Regular exercise has also proven to help manage and/or decrease risks of age-related illnesses, including high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and even some cancers.

As you age and your body becomes weaker, your physical activity may be limited. So get creative with a nice stroll through the neighborhood, take up biking, or swimming to preserve weaker joints while getting active.


Studies have shown that eating a diet filled with sugars and refined carbohydrates can speed up aging. Sugar has also been linked to a number of age-related diseases, which can be avoided with a well-balanced diet rich in essential vitamins and minerals which nourish the body and help sustain its youth.


Perhaps a lesser-known secret to anti-aging is using silk pillowcases. Silk is a highly breathable fabric that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles that can produce while you sleep. Hair loss becomes a major concern as you age, and silk pillowcases can also be gentler on your hair, which can reduce your hair loss long-term.


Speaking of hair, dry and brittle hair over time will increase your chances of hair loss especially as you reach your 50s and 60s. Coconut oil is a great hydrator for your hair and can produce a natural shine and strength to your locks. Look into hair mask tips and lather some coconut oil into your hair after a shower to soak up all the hydration and reduce breakage.


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