Back to School Breakfast Ideas

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Written by Brianna Diogostine

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August 17, 2022

Back to School time and we are probably all tired of hearing that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’ but it is absolutely true and the meal that people skip the most. It is back to school, so breakfast becomes even more important for students. Eating breakfast gives students the fuel to focus in the classroom and gives them the energy to complete tasks. Feelings of hunger and a growling stomach make it hard to focus in class and leave you feeling drained without eating breakfast or eating the eight sustenance to fuel your mornings.

Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is the full package when it comes to the ultimate breakfast. It is packed with nutrients needed to get you through your morning. Now we have been fed information about how ‘carbs are bad but not all carbohydrates are built the same. Some of the best bread  to choose is the one filled with fiber and 100% whole grains. Make sure to check the ingredients to make sure no sugar has been added and it is made without enriched flours. Sourdough is another great option because it contains probiotics from the fermenting process. Avocado provides healthy fats, different vitamins, and fiber. Just add an egg cooked the way you like them for your protein or whatever your choice of protein is in the morning. Eggs are super important for healthy brain function with nutrients like essential B Vitamins (B6 & B12) folate, and choline. The yolks are high in choline which is known to help reduce inflammation and promote brain function such as supporting a good memory as well as brain cell function.


Oatmeal is also another good option for a good breakfast staple and it is super versatile.
Oatmeal, overnight oats, homemade oat bars, granola, or even protein oat balls. Oats are high in iron and antioxidants. Iron’s main function is to carry oxygen to your body’s organs. Eating oats before class will help increase oxygen levels in the brain and help promote focus. Oatmeal does not offer a lot of protein with only 6 grams of protein per cup of oats. Add nut butter or protein powder to your oats to up the grams of protein.


Yogurt is a deliciously sweet way to start off your mornings but can be loaded with lots of sugar. Make sure to find yogurts low in sugar and high in protein. Yogurt is also rich in vitamins, minerals, live cultures, and probiotics, which support good gut health. Consuming probiotics regularly in your diet can help boost your immunity to stay healthy for the school year. Yogurt is also a quick breakfast on the go. When you have more time in the morning, yogurt can be made more fun with different toppings like granola, fruit, honey, and even nut butter.

Smoothie Bowls/Smoothies

Smoothie bowls are filled with lots of antioxidants which are amazing for focus and memory as well.
Research shows that people with higher levels of vitamin C in their bloodstream have better attention spans. The only downside to smoothie bowls is that they do not provide enough protein so adding protein powder to the blender and topping them with nut butter and high protein granola can do the trick. Adding protein to smoothie bowls and smoothies makes sure you stay full and adds more calories to stay within the calorie deficit.


Eating the right breakfast before heading to school can make or break how your day gets started. The choices are not always healthy because they become convenient at that point. Most mornings can be rushed or hectic but preparing breakfast the night before or even just planning it out can ease the stress of figuring out what you are going to eat before heading to school. Making time to choose a healthy nutritious breakfast can make all the difference!

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