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January 28, 2022

Eating healthy is much easier when you have time to cook, prepare foods and stick to a regime. But when you’re running late to work, stuck in traffic, grabbing a quick post-workout bite or taking a road trip, smart snacking can be near impossible. It is important to emphasize certain characteristics these snacks share that make them our go-to snacks for when you’re on the move. So, we’ve created a list of 15 grab-n-go snacks you need to tackle the day and eat right at no matter where you’re going!


Granola bars are EVERYWHERE in the food industry, sweet and savory options and an endless supply of brands lining the grocery store shelves with these go-to small bites. It is important to remember that selecting a “healthy” option of granola bars can be a challenge. Look out the ingredients to know what you are really putting into your body. High levels of added sugar, high fructose corn syrup and saturated fats can all be signs that this granola bar brand is not the healthy snack alternative you’re looking for.


One food group you do not need to scan the label for is fresh fruit! Fruit is such a simple and healthy way to get your nutrients and grab quickly on the run. Traveler’s Pro Tip: It might be wise to think about the tidiness of what you are eating. For example, bananas are easy to eat quickly and they don’t leave a mess while grapefruit is a juicy nightmare! Best to steer clear of any fruits that can’t be eaten quickly and tidy without leaving an extra headache in your car, office, airport, etc.


You may only picture popcorn accompanying you to a movie with a tall soda, but in reality, popcorn is a great healthy choice of snack..when eliminating all the additives. Popcorn contains high levels of fiber which are great for your digestive system as well carbohydrates which can fuel your energy level for a long day away from home. Grab a bag of already popped popcorn at your local grocery store and look for a brand that does not include any harsh additives (butter-flavored, kettle corn, caramel corn, etc.). Popcorn with a dash of sea salt is a great substitute for greasy potato chips and they can get you your necessary nutrients wherever you’re headed next!


Our favorite low-maintenance snack recommendation: Mixed Nuts! They won’t melt, they don’t cause a mess and no refrigeration required! Mixed nuts are packed with healthy fats and proteins that are essential to your body’s health. Try buying unsalted only, as there can be a lot of added sodium that can dehydrate your body. Also be mindful of the portion size of this snack, stick to packing in ¼ cup or less.


Need something a bit more filling? Grab your favorite cut up veggies and stick them in a sandwich bag with a small container of your tastiest choice of hummus. Hummus has loads of good nutrients like carbohydrates that will fuel your body’s energy levels and help you stay full longer, as well as healthy fats and protein. Vegetables are an obvious source of abundant vitamins and minerals that should always be included in your daily diet. Pair celery, carrots, bell peppers or cucumbers with your favorite flavor of hummus for a tasty snack on the move. Like mixed nuts, it is important to control portion size of your hummus, so stick to ½ cup or less to ensure you are getting a sufficient amount of healthy fats and carbs but not too much in one day.


Like most healthy foods, they remain “good for you” so long as you are controlling how you eat them and how much of them you consume. So, again we say, watch your portion size to ensure you are getting the necessary nutrients, but not consuming too much fat, sodium or carbs that could no longer benefit you. As a habit, start measuring out your snack portions into sandwich bags and small containers to control how much you are eating rather than reaching into a large bag while driving and before you know it, the bag is empty! :0
Also, look for items on the label that specify “unsalted”, “unsweetened”, “reduced fat” and aim to choose these options over their counterparts. Making simple choices like these can keep your snacks healthy and continue to benefit your health in a positive way whether you’re at home or not!


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