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January 21, 2022

We all have our own unique skincare routine that we “swear by” because we feel it really works on our skin. But what happens when summer turns to fall and fall to winter…and all of a sudden our trusted routine is obsolete. Seasons change and so should your skincare routine, here are some tips for a good skincare routine that evolves throughout the year.




It comes as no surprise that winter brought on lots of dryness in your skin due to cold weather and little water intake, so you are likely to have a build-up of flakiness residing on your face. Therefore, it is important to exfoliate a few days a week in order to accurately cleanse your skin of any dead skin cells that reside on the surface. Exfoliating can help reveal a fresh layer of skin that is healthy and ready to absorb more nutrients from your skincare products. 

Add in SPF

The sun will start to come out in the spring months so it is essential that you protect your skin from harmful UV rays with some gentle SPF sunscreen. Increased sun damage on the skin can cause dark spots or melasma, wrinkles and pronounced scars, and discoloration. 

Moisturize at Night

Restoring hydration to your skin can decrease any dry or flaky skin that was caused by the winter months. So be sure to hydrate your skin before bed with a light moisturizer. It is also beneficial to keep a moisturizer with retinol in its ingredients. Retinol helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles as well regulates oily skin and assists in controlling breakouts.


Pump up the SPF

Summer is the sunniest season of the year and with the sun comes the risk of sun damage. So it is essential that you are applying SPF during the day. This is the LAST step of your morning routine and should be applied before heading out for the day. It may be smart to consider a form of foundation with SPF included in its ingredients. That way, blemishes are covered and you are still protected from sun damage!

Lighten up your Makeup

In the summer months, the sun is shining and it is very easy for your pores to get clogged with oil, dirt, sweat & more. That is why it is important that you go light on the makeup, in order not to further inhibit your skin from getting to breathe a little! Using a tinted moisturizer or some BB cream with SPF is a great way to get the coverage you want while protecting your skin barrier with a light layer that does not clog your pores. 

Pro Tip: type “non-comedogenic makeup” into your browser. This means that you are choosing products with non-pore-clogging ingredients.

Refresh with a Good Toner Mist

Finding a good spray toner is often hard to come by. Ingredients are key and it is important to find the right toner that will effectively refresh, brighten and cleanse your skin without causing irritation. Look for a toner that doesn’t have any alcohol, fragrances, or parabens as these are considered harmful to the skin, even in small concentrations. Toners can also balance your skin’s pH levels which can potentially help control breakouts and help absorb serum and moisturizer better …especially during the warmer months. 


Change to Collagen

Summer brought all the humidity, but now that you’re headed for cooler months, it is important to hydrate your skin properly…and not just at night. Especially for those with more sensitive skin, collagen can help combat the dry, flaky skin or redness you may be getting as things cool off. Collagen can help your skin recover from the changing season while restoring important connective tissues not just in your face, but all over your body. 

Invest in Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C can help with hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles and as you enter the more dry months of the year, this becomes an essential step in your skincare routine. This product should be applied after your toner and before your moisturizer and should also be used to help combat sun rays that slipped through your sunscreen. 

Add in Your Body Lotion

Dry and itchiness may not only reside on your face. It is essential that preventing dry and cracked skin starts with applying a moisturizing body lotion every day. It is most effective to apply your body lotion after you’ve showered. The skin is usually warmer and more susceptible to soaking in moisture at this time. Look for lotions that do not contain any harsh ingredients such as alcohol, parabens, or fragrances.


Gently Cleanse

When your skin is generally more dehydrated in the winter months, it is better to use a gentle cleanser on your face in order to not strip the skin of all-natural oils that it develops when your skin dries out. Pick a cleanser that does not contain drying/harsh ingredients like alcohol, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide. If these ingredients are essential to control breakouts, consider a less intense concentration. You may also consider swapping your foaming cleanser with a cream cleanser in order to restore moisture. 

Choose a Nighttime Cream

Nighttime creams are essential to any winter skincare routine because in this season, your skin needs to repair itself and most of this can happen while you sleep. Find a trusted night cream with no fragrances that also contains collagen, which can restore the skin barrier and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Introducing Eye Cream

The area around your eyes is quite thin and can make dark circles, crow’s feet, and other blemishes more prominent. So add an eye cream to your winter routine in order to smooth out fine lines and diminish impurities in the skin overnight. Look for an eye cream with collagen and elastin that can help repair the eye area and support healthy tissue in the skin. You can also apply your eye cream during the day to fight off winter dryness.


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